Help / FAQs

If you are looking for specific information that is not covered below, please contact the management office directly. 

  • What is the length of Dragon Mart?
    DragonMart is 1.2 Kms long
  • When was DragonMart opened?
    DragonMart opened its doors to the public on 07 December, 2004
  • Is it a wholesale or a retail mart?
    DragonMart is a wholesale mart with a retail element
  • Do you only have Chinese products at DragonMart?
    DragonMart is uniquely Chinese; majority of our wholesalers &retailers are from China.
  • How many operating stores do you have in DragonMart?
    We have approximately 2,550 stores engaged in wholesale and retail trade
  • What is the total leasing area at DragonMart?
    We have a total of 100,000 sqm of leasing area
  • Is there any foodcourt in DragonMart?
    Yes, we have foodcourt on the first floor
  • Is there a supermarket?
    Geant is newly opened in Dragon Mart 2
  • Is there a cinema?
    Novo Cinemas is newly opened in Dragon Mart 2
  • Is there a Kid’s Play Area?
    Opening shortly in Dragon Mart 2

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