At DragonMart we have a variety of services to make you shopping experiences as comfortable as possible.

These Services include:

Trolley service


Trolleys are available for hire from stands:
1) Near Main Entrance in A-Zone
2) Near Customer Service Desk F-Zone 
3) Near Customer Service Desk in H-Zone

To hire a trolley: 
1) approach any one of Trolley Stands mentioned above 
2) provide an approved identification card and AED 200.00 as a deposit to the Trolley staff
3) pay a fee of AED 20.00 for the trolley hire and attain receipt 
4) upon completion of your shopping activities, simply call the number at the back of your receipt and one of our Trolley staff will collect the trolley from you at the desired location 
5) your deposit of AED 200.00 will be refunded on returning of the receipt and the trolley
6) Porter services are also available from these stands


Valet Service

Valet Parking service is available at the entrance of the EA, FB, EB1 Zones.

To avail the Valet Parking service: 
1) approach the Valet Parking Services desk located at any locations mentioned above 
2) pay a fee of AED 17.00 and collect your receipt from the valet parking staff

Buggy Service

Being a 1.2 kms long mart, DragonMart Management also provides buggy service for its valued customers. 

To avail of the buggy service: 
1) buggy service can be attained in the main corridor 
2) each route from the A Zone to J Zone or J Zone to A Zone costs AED 5.00 per person per way.
3) Children under the age of 12 years need to be accompanied by an adult 

Baby Stroller

Baby Strollers are available near the Main Entrance & F Zone near Customer Service Desk 

02 Seater Strollers - AED 20.00 per hour for the first hour 
01 Seater Stroller - AED 15.00 per hour for the first hour

Car Wash

Car Wash services are available at all parking areas of the mart


Etisalat Bill Paying Machine



National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah E Zone, near shop # EAI02
Union National Bank F Zone, near shop # FBC03
National Bank of Abu Dhabi G Zone, near shop # GAD03
Commercial Bank of Dubai H Zone, near shop # HBB03 
National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah J Zone, near shop # JA03
National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah First Floor, near foodcourt
National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah Drive thru ATM in AB Parking


Emirates NBD A Zone

Standard Chartered Bank A Zone

Union National Bank First Floor

National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah First Floor

Money Exchange House

DHG01A Redha Al Ansari Exchange A Zone
DHG29 UAE Exchange B Zone
IAK15 Al Fardan Exchange I Zone
IBE07 Al Ansari Exchange I Zone

Customer Service Desks

Our Customer Service desks are strategically located in F Zone & H Zone

Place to eat

Foodcourt is located on the first floor with variety of options as below:
• Al Arrab Restaurant (Lebanese)
• Pizza Hut
• Charley’s Philly Steaks
• Subway
• Al Farooj
• Kababak Restaurant (Iranian)
• Tom Yum Restaurant (Thai)
• Red Flavours Restaurant (Indian)
• Burger World
• Automatic Restaurant (Lebanese)
• China Way (Chinese)
• Maraheb (Yemeni)

Additionally, we also have coffee shops & food kiosks spread across the mall

Taxi Service

You can avail a taxi from the main entrance of the mart outside the A Zone and outside Rear entrance in B Zone

Pharmacy Details

DragonMart has 02 pharmacies located at the Main Entrance and BA Zone

Wheelchair/ Motor Scooters

Wheelchairs for the disabled are available from the Customer Service Desk in F Zone & H Zone, free of charge with approved identification and deposit of AED 100 refundable upon returning the wheel chairs

Prayer Area

Designated Prayers Areas have been allocated at DragonMart for ladies and men. Location of the prayers rooms are: 

First Floor, near DHFF08

FB Zone, near shop # FBB-07

IA Zone, near shop # IAB-07

First Aid Rooms

For basic First Aid please contact our Customer Service Desk

Bicycle Parking

DragonMart has designated parking places for your bicycles located at all the entrances of the mart

Freight Services

Danzas, the logistic service providing wing of DHL Worldwide, catering to cargo transport, freight clearing service, cargo packaging, sea cargo service and shipping lines agent is located at the AB Zone.


Dubai Police Station is located at the AB zone

Postal Services

Empost, the national postal service of the UAE has a representative office at the AB Zone.

Western Union